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GCS are simply committed to providing the very best of care and provision to all who have any involvement with the company.

Lucy Caplan

I am Lucy Caplan, one of the founders of GCS, and a BACP registered and qualified counsellor. My clinical background was formed initially in both occupational health referred generic counselling, alongside addictions, however for over the past decade I have gained extensive experience of working with problematic gamblers and individuals affected by someone else’s problematic gambling.

Trish Foster

I am Trish Foster, one of the founders and executives of Gambling Counselling Service. I am a qualified counsellor working within the profession for over a decade. My clinical background began whilst working with children within a school environment as well as volunteering for a charity while I was training. I have many years’ experience working within the field of addictions including drugs, alcohol and problematic gambling.

The face of the gambling industry has changed significantly over the span of our experience. Since fixed odds betting tables appeared in bookmakers and online gambling services with high stake games, readily available increasing, problematic gambling is rising rapidly.  Although now becoming more of a focus for the media, in many ways problem gambling remains a hidden addiction. Despite this there has been no significant increase in funding for charities to support problematic gamblers or those close to them. Treatment options for people suffering with a gambling addiction are sometimes more limited than in other area’s of addiction. Services waiting times often result in lost motivation and people dropping out, returning to their addiction.

We are passionate about raising awareness of problem gambling. Our priority, to provide more options for early, effective and affordable support for gamblers and others affected by problem gambling. Our commitment is to making that happen.

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  • Are you concerned that gambling is affecting employee wellbeing?

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