Gambling Counselling Services

Problematic gambling is at epidemic proportions in the UK and still increasing at a rapid rate.

Gambling Counselling Services – your gambling

It may be time for you to reach out to Gambling Counselling Services to help you.

Gambling Counselling Services, your gamblingDo you struggle to control your own gambling behaviour?

Are you hiding your gambling behaviour because you are spending:-

*too much time gambling?

*too much money gambling?

Have other people told you that you are gambling too much or that your gambling is a problem?

We can help


Gambling Counselling Services – worried about someone?


Gambling Counselling Services, worried about someone?Are you are worried about someone else’s gambling? Has this started to affect you?

You may have concerns about your partner, your relative your friend and worry about how this is not only impacting on them, but on you too.

Do you know that gambling problems can totally change the dynamics and functioning of a family?

Do you know that gambling may seriously affect your intimate relationships?

Cited as one of the highest reasons for divorce in the UK gambling is increasing as a relationship difficulty.

In other words gambling may affect not just the gamblers partner but also any other family member, colleagues, employers but above all, children.

Friendships may be affected.

If you have been affected or are being affected by someone else’s addiction – we can help.


Problematic Gambling within your organisation

Problematic Gambling within your organisationAre you concerned about the impacts of problematic gambling within your organisation?




Gambling  impacts on companies in terms of:-

*lost time

*lost productivity

*poor employee engagement

*poor employee wellbeing

*in some circumstances creates a risk of theft or fraud

*damage to a company’s reputation.

If you are worried about an employee we will be able to work with you to help them.

There is now a legal and regulatory obligation to be aware of this issue and it is a CEO’s responsibility to safeguard against this mental health condition, however many employers are unaware of this.

It has been found that more than 4/5  (82%) of British Adults believe that gambling,  debt can be a distraction for people when they are at work!

Furthermore, 10% of working adults – which amounts to almost 5 million people – have personal experience of the problems gambling may cause in the workplace.  These adults stated that they know someone for whom gambling has negatively affected their work.

In addition almost three quarters of adults (72%) think business absolutely should be concerned about gambling.  For instance the biggest concern is expressed by those who work in financial services.

In conclusion, as an employer you have a responsibility to your employees. To learn more and find out how we can help please look here.

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  • Are you struggling to stay in control of your gambling?
  • Is someone else's gambling problem affecting you?
  • Are you concerned that gambling is affecting employee wellbeing?

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