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Affected Others

Are you worried about a family member, partner or friend’s gambling behaviour struggling to cope and looking for advice, help, counselling or support?


affected others

When you are a relative, partner or close friend of a problem gambler you are recognised as being an affected other.

When a person has gambling problems, it often impacts on every area of their life.

Living alongside someone else’s gambling addiction can be challenging at best but absolutely terrifying at worst.

Affected others often feel just as out of control of their lives as the person gambling, or more so as they cannot make the person stop gambling.

Thinking you can’t do right for doing wrong, worrying or fearful about what’s coming next and what the future holds.

Feeling angry, frustrated, betrayed and lots of other distressing, difficult and often conflicting emotions can also be in the equation.

You can start feeling incredibly isolated and helpless. Often, communication breaks down and sometimes we can feel guilty or ashamed talking to other people about what is going on. Worried that they will judge you or that you are betraying the problem gambler.

Worrying about debt, the future and how it will all end can create a lot of stress and anxiety. This then can impact on your own well-being and ability to function at your best and manage the situation as best as you can.

Currently divorces citing gambling addiction as the cause have dramatically risen over the past few years.

We offer affected others a private, confidential service. We mix practical advice and guidance alongside emotional support and counselling relevant to each clients individual needs.

If required, evening and weekend appointments are available.

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