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Problematic Gamblers

Are you worried about how much time or money you’re spending gambling and thinking or knowing you’ve got a gambling problem and looking for help for a gambling addiction? Looking for advice, guidance, support or counselling?

get help with gambling addictionGambling is becoming more and more of a fixture in our daily lives. With increasing tv adverts and multiple different ways to gamble 24/7 it is becoming a “social norm”. It can take some time before you realise that something which started as being fun and the norm is now starting to cause problems in your life. You may then reach a point where you need to get help for a gambling addiction to support you to overcome this.

get help with gambling addictionProblematic gambling can often lead to feeling quite isolated  and very low moods. Feelings of guilt or shame, stress and anxiety, thinking you’re out of control and being prone to mood swings can also come in to the equation. You maybe getting in to financial debt or hiding the extent of your gambling. Subsequently, worrying about what will happen if people find out and lying to hide it. This often leads to the relationships in your life becoming affected increasing the sense of isolation.

Somehow the gambling activity once fun with your mates can become something you more often do by yourself. You often stop doing the things you used to do as you can no longer afford to do them and gambling or debt is always on your mind.

It can feel like a huge step to get help for a gambling addiction, once taken it mainly feels like a huge weight has been lifted. We offer a private and confidential service which mixes practical advice and guidance alongside emotional support and counselling relevant to your needs. If required, evening and weekend appointments are available. If you would like more information about our service or to book an appointment click here

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